FixFox is a charming sci-fi adventure that repairs machines and hearts


Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush

Here’s a delightful new title to set you off on your Tuesday morning — FixFox is a charming new indie release that will see players use their ingenuity and spirit to explore a strange mechanical planet, using a small toolbox of basic implements to repair and restore services, vehicles, and even hearts and minds.

FixFox is the story of a cheerful but somewhat unfortunate handygal, Vix, who crashlands on the undiscovered planet of Karamel. Stranded from rescue, Vix sets about exploring the strange new terrain, accompanied by her sentient toolbox, Tin. It’s not long before Vix discovers that Karamel is in severe disarray — the type of disarray that only a handy fox and bag of beat-up tools can rectify. And so Vix and Tin set about restoring glory to Karamel, sampling content, meeting its denizens, and perhaps even finding a means to return home.

FixFox is a game powered by positivity, I’d say,” said Rendlike studio owner Jaroslav Meloun. “We wanted to offer players a challenge without feeling completely cold — an environment where every moment of exploration offers up an opportunity for fun. I was actually inspired by No Man’s Sky when starting development and, while the end result is naturally quite different, there are beats in FixFox that definitely stir the same feelings of finding delight in discovery.”

Don’t thank me, thank the Moon’s gravitational pull

Discovery and positivity, as Meloun notes, are the key themes of FixFox. The above trailer sees Vix and Tin explore their colorful new environment, with Vix using her knack for know-how and generally well-meant demeanor to learn about the mysterious planet and its robotic citizens. As Karamel is tool-free, Vix will be required to adapt to the given situation, utilizing coins, bananas, gum, and anything else she can lay her paws on to get the job done. MacGuyver would be proud.

On first impression, FixFox looks like an absolute delight. With its cute characters, situational problem-solving, and relaxed approach to adventure, all daubed in 16-bit style and backed with a pleasing chiptune score, FixFox looks to be a cute ‘n’ quirky adventure, sure to be a hit with tinkerers everywhere.

FixFox launches on PC (via Steam) March 31, priced at $14.99.