Flipnote Studio 3D Club Nintendo parting gift delayed


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[Update:Flipnote Studio 3D is now live. Look in your “to-do” list and see this page for more info.]

Ever since Club Nintendo debuted its giant list of rewards, the site has been taking a beating. It’s been hard to get in at all, much less redeem any Coins. Even though the site lists them as the “final” rewards, never say never — Nintendo could have a few tricks up its sleeve before it finally calls it quits.

As a result, Nintendo is currently fixing the site, but that means that the Flipnote Studio 3Dfree game reward has been delayed. It was supposed to arrive this week, and it didlaunch, but it crashed the site. It will now drop “later this month,” so keep your eyes open.

Flipnote Studio 3D [Nintendo]