Following brief delay, Grandia HD Remaster now available on PC


But it seems Switch problems remain

Following on from its previously announced delay, the recent remaster of the classic 1997 RPG Grandia is now available on PC via Steam, having made its debut on Nintendo Switch as part of the Grandia HD Collection in August.

Publisher GungHo stated the reason for the delay was due to the discovery of some bugs in the Nintendo Switch release, (which are due to be patched out in November). However, some Steam users are noting these bugs still remain in the PC port, and include occasional frame rate drops, buggy audio, and other visual glitches. Hopefully they’ll be removed in a further update, but until then, best be aware that the PC port has its share of minor issues.

Grandia HD Remaster and Grandia II HD Remaster are available now on PC via Steam. Grandia HD Collection is available now on Nintendo Switch.