For $2,000, this half-scale Ludens statue could be yours!


Complete with a Hideo Kojima signature

For the person who has everything, there’s this: a nearly 63-inch-tall, half-scale statue of Kojima Productions’ Ludens mascot. Sideshow Collectibles has opened pre-orders for the luxury item ahead of an estimated Q1 2018 ship date, and at $2,000 a pop, understandably, only 150 are being produced.

Yes, yes, this beast of a statue is impractical. The main reason I wanted to post about it was 1) I’m still obsessing over the newest Death Stranding trailer, particularly after reading that great piece about Children of Men‘s increasing relevancy a decade later, and 2) I mean just look at those juicy EVA thighs!

To think, some folks thought the Ludens figures were presumptuous. Wait’ll they see this!

Ludens [Sideshow Collectibles via NeoGAF]