For Honor is rocketing up the Steam charts after its move to free-to-play


For glory

A whole lot of people are playing For Honorright now. More specifically, a whole lot of people are playing the For HonorStarter Edition right now.

Yesterday, the bare-bones Starter Edition of For Honorwent free-to-play on PC. The move was a major shot in the arm, as Steam’s concurrent users chart shows a peak of approximately 227,000 players today. That’s Monster Hunter: Worldterritory, which had a tremendous PC launch earlier this month. Not too shabby for a game that released in early 2017.

It’s impressive enough to earn a spot on Steam’s vaunted list of games with the most concurrents ever. For Honor‘s 227,000 easily cracks the list and firmly places it in eighth place. Earlier this week, For Honorhad something like 5,000 players. This graph is basically a flat-liner until it suddenly spikes.

Is it temporary? Yeah, probably. Evolvesaw a similar resurgence when it went free-to-play a few years ago. Now it has 125 concurrent players. For Honor‘s drop-off may not be that steep, but it’s not likely to retain hundreds of thousands of players. But, for now, For Honorhas its day in the sun.

[Correction:For Honor‘s Starter Edition is only free through August 27. However, anyone who downloads it before then will be able to play it for free permanently.]

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