Former Square Enix exec: Konami did wrong by Kojima


Yoichi Wada speaks out

Yoichi Wada, former Square Enix president, has spoken out against Konami’s recent treatment of Hideo Kojima. Given all of the hubbub surrounding his forced exit from the company, including the fact that he was barred from accepting an award for his own game at The Game Awards, it seems like enough is enough for Wada.

He noted this week on Facebook that he “can’t believe this cruel treatment,” and that either way you slice it, “this is a negative for [Konami’s] business.” He expands on that point, stating that “going out of your way to make enemies with the world has no meaning.”

I wish Kojima the best of luck with whatever he has planned next, whenever his non-compete clause runs out.

Yoichi Wada [Facebook via Kotaku]