Fortnite adds Score Royale mode, and a Boogiedown emote that's easy to unlock


Headshot, jackpot

Fortnite‘s latest limited time mode doesn’t award Victory Royales for eliminating all other players. No, Score Royale puts near-equal emphasis on looting and killing, which means that opening chests and supply drops are just as good as offing an opponent. Here’s the full breakdown of how the Score Royale points system works:

  • Winning Score (Solo) — 2,000
  • Winning Score (Duos) — 3,000
  • Winning Score (Squads) — 4,500
  • Use an Apple or Mushroom — 10
  • Open an Ammo Box — 25
  • Open a Llama — 50
  • Open a Supply Drop — 100
  • Eliminate an Enemy — 100
  • Open a Treasure Chest — 50
  • Find a Bronze Coin — 30
  • Find a Silver Coin — 50
  • Find a Gold Coin — 100

It’s a dynamic change from the current Fortnitepace. There’s always good reason to keep looting, right up until the very end. Usually, a battle royale end-game has a noticeable swing where everyone is solely focused on surviving. Score Royale ups the stakes on the risk/reward of greed, encouraging players to continue looting past the point where they’re properly geared up.

Alongside Score Royale, Epic has released a new Boogiedown emote that’s easy enough to earn. It’s unlocked by adding two-factor authentication to your Epic account — either through email or an approved mobile app. Call it the Safety Dance. Full details about how to unlock the Boogiedown emote can be found on the Fortnitesite.

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