Fortnite rocket finally launches, results in sky splitting


But what does this mean for the Fortnite universe?

A cool event took place today within Epic Games’ phenomenal battle royale title Fortnite. A rocket, that had been sat on map for some time, finally reached zero on the countdown clock and, among blaring sirens, proceeded to launch into the sky.

Upon reaching the peak of its climb, an object, perhaps part of the rocket suddenly careened into the Earth. Reports vary, but it appears that a much smaller ship then shot out from the sky and darted around the area, before blasting into the sky with an almighty snap and leaving a “tear” in the atmosphere. Other accounts are reporting two visiting ships, although they may be referring to the initial object that crashed into the ground.

And, for now, that’s about it. Regardless of whatever this mystery ultimately reveals, kudos to Epic for putting together a specific in-game event that caused a huge community buzz and an en-masse gathering of Fortnite players, who took time out from popping each other’s heads to watch the inter-dimensional event. Clearly, something is amiss in the Fortnite universe, now we just have to wait and see what comes next.

Here’s a video of the fascinating event, courtesy of rad Destructoid regular JohnSmith123, thanks!