Fortnite's latest update will add respawning to the mix


Fornite Legends

Fortnite is set to receive a respawning mechanic in its next update. Taking a cue from EA’s successful Apex Legends, the new “reboot van” will allow downed players in team games to be revived by their remaining squadmates. Whenever your teammates die, they’ll drop a reboot card that can then placed into the van. After a set amount of time, they’ll respawn with no equipment and be able to fight once again. After any successful reboots, the van used will be unavailable for a certain duration.

Not being a direct copy of Apex’s version, the process of respawning will set off a car alarm to alert nearby players. While I wouldn’t call the process subtle in Apex, a blaring horn would definitely make me aware of a respawn beacon getting used. It also seems to not place emphasis on respawning, which is a core element in Apex.

There’s no word on whether or not this will be limited to specific servers, or be a limited time feature. I’m guessing Epic liked the idea from Apex so much that it wanted to crib a feature, which I can’t blame them. Respawning really does change the whole battle royale experience.

Battle Royale Dev Update #13 – The Reboot Van [Fortnite via YouTube]