Four retro class specializations come back to D&D in this month's Unearthed Arcana


Blades, Jesters, Cavaliers, and Scouts

This month’s Unearthed Arcanabrings Dungeons & Dragonsfour retro class specializations that I hope my players use: the Colleges of Swords and Satire for Bards, and Cavalier and Scout for Fighter.

Bards from the College of Swords are referred to as “blades” and tend to be performers of the knife juggling and sword swallowing sort. They use special flourishes that make them skilled wielders of scimitars. Those who attend the College of Satire are “jesters,” and they seem incredibly fun to roleplay as. Look at this description:

Jesters are loyal to only one cause: the pursuit and propagation of the truth. They use their comedy and innocuous appearance to break down social barriers and expose corruption, incompetence, and stupidity among the rich and powerful. Whether revealing a con artist’s treachery or exposing a baron’s plans for war as driven by greed and bloodlust, a jester serves as the conscience of a realm.

They can also make people fart, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Fighters that choose to be Cavaliers specialize in mounted combat. While it seems cool in theory, I don’t tend to have mounts in my campaigns. Maybe this will change that! Scouts are a a Fighter/Ranger hybrid that might seem a little lackluster until you realize how great their superiority dice are. I love when they add class stuff like this, especially considering the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guidewas more of a setting book than anything.

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