Four years later, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is coming to PS4 next month


Better late than never

Brotherhood may be Max’s curse, but his latest game is about to break free from something else: Console exclusivity. It only took him four years to shed it.

On November 8, Max: The Curse of Brotherhoodis coming digitally to PlayStation 4; on November 10, a physical edition of the game will be released. No prices have officially been revealed but it originally launched at $15. PS4 publisher Wired Productions has pre-orders available for the physical version, and that’s set for£16 in the UK and $21 in the US.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhoodwas an Xbox One release window exclusive in 2013. It stayed that way for a year until it came to Xbox 360 and PC in 2014. Now, in 2017, the puzzle platformer has finally drawn a bridge to another console.

Colourful puzzle platformer Max: The Curse of Brotherhood comes to PS4 next month [PlayStation Blog]