Fox n Forests developer: 'Switch is our strongest platform to date, 3:1 sales ratio with PC and 4:1 with PS4'


Unity made the porting process ‘a relatively comfortable task’

Fox n Forests has been marinating for nearly two months now since its May 17 launch, and given that it was released for multiple platforms, it’s worth checking in to see how it’s doing. I spoke to the game’s director,Rupert Ochsner, to get a breakdown of how well it did so far.

Ochsner bodly stated out of the gate that “Nintendo Switch is our strongest platform to date.” He went on to explain that at the moment, the Switch has a 3:1 ratio of sales compared to PC, and a 4:1 ratio against PS4. He does clarify that they’re still waiting on Xbox One sales numbers.

As for the development process as it pertains to Switch, Oschner, in a stark contrast to the dark days of the Wii and Wii U, says that it’s been relatively smooth: “Unity was our engine of choice, which made developing Fox n Forests for multiple platforms a relatively comfortable task. All platforms were more or less similar in terms of challenges and workload.”

People are probably inundated with stories about how well the Switch is doing; it’s a completely different era for indies as they rush to get their games out on Switch amid a crowded market.