Free Dissidia Final Fantasy NT update adds Orbonne Monastery from Final Fantasy Tactics


I can hear the battle music now

Despite some initial mixed reactions to Dissida Final Fantasy NT, Square Enix is still delivering a smattering of free and premium content, and I’m still playing it.

The newest 1.06 update adds in myriad balance changes for most of the cast(Emperor, Onion Knight, Cecil, Bartz, Tina, Cloud, Ultimecia, Vaan, Noctis, Ramza, Ace), as well as an easier way to access character movesets. But most importantly, it gives us the Orbonne Monastery arena from Final Fantasy Tacticsfor free.

Square Enix hasn’t had much experience with fighting game patch notes, but it would be super helpful if it was translated in English, with balance details and numbers, whenever the Japanese notes drop.

Dissidia NT [Square Enix via Gematsu]