Free Tetris Effect: Connected update rolls out August 18


It will also launch on Steam the same day

The world of Tetris Effect is becoming more connected. A free update to Tetris Effect will bring current owners into Tetris Effect: Connected on Aug. 18, coinciding with the trippy Tetris‘ launch on Steam.

The free update to all existing versions of Tetris Effect adds the co-op and competitive multiplayer modes highlighted in the Connected update that was, previously, on just Windows 10 and Xbox consoles. That’s Connected, Zone Battle, Score Attack, and Classic Score Attack, which all sound like a pretty alright time.

Tetris Effect: Connected will also be truly connected, as in, cross-platform play will be available between the Steam, PlayStation 4, Epic Games Store, Oculus Quest, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 versions of the game. There are also some bonus features coming, like a new Spectator Mode, PAL and “Slow” speed modes. Oculus Quest 2 headsets also get a performance vs. fidelity option, and PS4 copies will be available to Remote Play.

Essentially, it’s a lot of Tetris that’s on the way. This is a game that’s quite literally stood the test of time, though 2018’s Tetris Effect felt like an amazing new take on it. It’s cool to see all the Connected options and updates finally rolling out to other versions of the game.

If you pick Tetris Effect: Connected up on Steam too, there are a few bonus goodies for those who have held out for so long. Some Tetris Effect-themed avatars and wallpapers will be available, as well as a seven-track soundtrack sampler by Hydelic, a previous pre-order bonus for the game on PS4 and Epic. So yes, if you’re like me, reading that means you’re probably already opening up the soundtrack in whatever audio streaming service you have and listening to it again.

The Tetris Effect: Connected update goes live on Aug. 18 for all available versions.