FreQuency mode comes to Amplitude reboot


To tunnel or not to tunnel

The rebootedAmplitude will feature a FreQuency mode which turns the otherwise flat tracks into 3D tunnels.

“In the original Amplitude, we got away from the tunnel design of FreQuency and flattened out the tracks,” Harmonix explained. “We did this with the intention of better track recognition, allowing the player to have a better mental map of the music. We felt flattening out the tracks allowed the players to recognize that, in a certain song, the drums were always the leftmost track.”

But the decision divided players – and developers – alike.

“Little did we know this change would divide gamers (and the in-house team) into two camps: those who thought the tunnel was superior and those who preferred the wide highway of tracks.

“Even after 12+ years we are still divided! So, with some slick engineering work, we thought we’d make it an option to play either way. It’s up to you now to decide which mode is more fun.”

Amplitude will release on PSN and PlayStation 4 next month. Initially scheduled for release in March after raising more than $844,000 on Kickstarter, the game’s was pushed back several times.

Amplitude reboot gets FreQuency mode [VG24/7]