Friday Night Fights: And we're back


Friday Night Fights

[Friday Night Fights is a long-running Destructoid tradition that seems to rise and fall with the tide. Now SuperMonk4Ever is taking the reins. We hope you all will join in to play some video games with your favorite e-buddies. ~ Shade]

Welcome back to what has always been, and what always will be, known as Friday Night Fights! That’s right, after a small hiatus, we are rearing the weekly FNF posts back into gear.

Now, nothing has changed and we intend to continue with the familiar schedule and workabouts. So if you are looking for that Tank to get on the payload in Overwatch or just looking for a group to crack up with; Friday Night Fights is here to help.

If you didn’t know, we are also on your favorite social media sites! They haven’t been used in a while so please do excuse the dust. These will be run by community members just like the blog. We will try our best to update those social sites when the Monday blog is up and remind you to sign up for something!



Please join up for one of the games being hosted, listed below, or host your own game in the comments. Without further ado, lets get back into it!


New to Friday Night Fights? It’s easy to get involved!

Each week, a bunch of us Dtoiders get together to play video games online! It’s a 100% community-run event, so feel free to join in or even host something yourself!

If you want to schedule an event (FNF, Weekend Warriors, Twitchtoid), just leave a comment like so:

EventGame (Console)Time (Specify timezone please)Your Disqus/Dtoid usernameYour gamertag

To join in, simply send a friend request to the match host! (Don’t forget to say you’re from Destructoid!)

Friday Night Fights is a time-honored Destructoid event but you don’t have to wait around to get a game going. Whatever your schedule might be, you can host a game or stream anytime you like by using the Quick Post feature… or schedule it in advance by leaving us a comment with the date and time. We’re all happy to to help get the word out.

Game: OverwatchPlatform: Xbox One / PS4 (whatever people want)Time: 1am Eastern / 10pm PacificHost: Mr Andy Dixon (Xbox Live) / MrAndyDixon (PSN)

Remind me that I make a new banner for this.

Game: OverwatchPlatform: Xbox One / PS4 (whatever people want)Time: 1am Eastern / 10pm PacificHost: Mr Andy Dixon (Xbox Live) / MrAndyDixon (PSN)

*Space for rent*

“Anyone wanna play Civilization VI this weekend? Fridays are out for me. But weekend afternoons and Sunday evening is good for me.”– Amna Umen.

“We are the music makers, we are the streamers of streams.”