Friday Night Fights: Let's NARP it up


Game with the Dtoid community

Happy Friday everyone!

I want to take a few minutes today to highlight an awesome community event happening this weekend. Since Friday Night Fights is all about getting together with your fellow D’toider, I figured this would be the best outlet to highlight the Southeastern NARP that will be happening tomorrow evening in Orlando, Florida.

If you live in or around the Orlando area, you are more than welcome to come out and play some games with other awesome community members. All the details are below and a huge thanks to Everyday Legend and Scield for getting all of this going and for informing me about it, since I live in Orlando and all.

Here are the deets!

What: Destructoid Southeastern NARP!When: Saturday, March 15th, 2014What Time: 6:00 PM – 2:00 AM (or later, who knows)The plan is to get together around six pm for dinner, the location that has been decided is Fuddruckers (burgers and more!) located on Apopka/Vineland(not too far from Player 1) . After dinner, everyone will be heading over to;

Where: Player One (Bar/Arcade = Barcade)Player 1 is an arcade that specializes in arcade games and consoles, both new and old. This should be a pretty great place to hang out, drink some beers (or soda, or water) and play some games with your fellow Destructoid Community Members.

There is a forum threadas well as community blogwhere you can talk to those who will be attending and see what’s been going on.

If you can’t make, don’t worry, there will be other NARPS throughout the year in other locations, the best part, is that you can start your very own community NARP for your neck of the woods, since these are community driven. Check out the Dtoid Community Meet Up thread here. Who know’s, you may end up with like, hundreds of new friends you never knew you wanted!

Alright, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the games!

Friday Night Fights

New to FNF? Read this!Each week, a bunch of us Dtoiders get together to play videogames online! It’s a 100% community-run event, so feel free to join in or even host something yourself!

The planning for FNF starts in theforums, where community members sign up to host matches and post their pertinent details (game, time, Gamertag, etc.). Then, every Friday, reminder posts go up in thecommunity blogsthanks to a dedicated group of volunteers, and I recap it all here on the front page to give it a bit more exposure.

To join in, simply send a friend request to the match host! If you’d rather host something yourself, sound off in the comments section below!

360 FNF

Tonight’s Games:

    • Earth Defense Force 2025 (Xbox 360)Host: Char Aznable (GT: ShinigamiBV)Time: 4 Pacific | 7 Eastern
    • Titanfall (Xbox One)Host: Edd Strid (GT: Edd Strid)Time: 5 Pacific | 8 Eastern
    • Titanfall (Xbox One)Host: PanaMusica (GT: Panamusica)Time: 7 Pacific | 10 Eastern

              Check out the Xbox FNF blog for more info!

              Playstation FNF

              Tonight’s Games:

                • Starhawk (PS3)Host: Nanashi (PSN: Nanashi707)Time 5 Pacific | 8 Eastern
                • Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine (PS3)Host: ThymeParadox (PSN: thymeparadox)Time 5 Pacific | 8 Eastern*Note: Exterminus
                • Battlefield 4 (PS4)Host: Defenestrator (PSN: ThDefenestrator)Time 5 Pacific | 8 Eastern
                • Killzone: Shadowfall (PS4)Host: Defenestrator (PSN: ThDefenestrator)Time 7 Pacific | 10 Eastern
                • Dark Souls 2 (PS3)Host: Shin (PSN: neoshingundam)Time 7 Pacific | 10 Eastern
                • Warframe (PS4)Host: Trev (PSN: ElZilcho)Time 9 Pacific | 12 am Eastern

                            Check out the PS FNF blog for more info!

                            PS3 FNF

                            Tonight’s Games:

                            • Soul SacrificeHost: Thyme Paradox (PSN: thymeparadox)Time: 4:00 Pacific | 7 Eastern

                            Check out the PS FNF blog for more info!

                            Wii U FNF

                            Tonight’s Games:

                            • You can look inside another worldHost: You can talk to a pretty girl.Time: She’s everything you dream about

                            Check out the Nintendo FNF blog for more info!

                            3DS FNF

                            Tonight’s Games:

                            • We’re talking away, I don’t know what I’m to say I’ll say it anywayHost: Today’s another day to find you, shying away.Time: I’ll be coming for your love, OK?

                              Check out the Nintendo FNF blog for more info!

                              PC FNF

                              Tonight’s Games:

                                • Team Fortress 2(early game)Server: 5 Pacific | 8 Eastern
                                  • Team Fortress 2(Late game)Server: 9 Pacific | 12 am Eastern

                                      Check out the PC FNF blog for more info!

                                      Weekend Warriors

                                      Free this weekend? Why not sign up to host something forWeekend Warriors?!It’s like Friday Night Fightsall weekend long!Sign up in the comments orForum threadif you’re interested!


                                      • I will have you, yes I will have you, I will find a way, and I will have youHost: Like a butterfly, a wild butterflyTime: I will collect you and capture you


                                      • Traveling in a fried-out combieHost: On a hippie trail, head full of zombie.Time: I met a strange lady, she made me nervous

                                      Check out the Weekend Warriors thread for more info!