FTL is free, but you have to claim it before the Earth rotates once around its axis


Hyper Light Drifter is tomorrow

FTL: Faster Than Lightis free on the Epic Games Store, but you do not have to be faster than light to claim it. You do have to be reasonably prudent, though.

For 24 hours (but even less time than that when you’re reading this), Subset Games’ FTLis the featured title during Epic’s 12 Days of Free Games promotion. The addictive spaceship sim roguelike has captured hearts in the seven years since it released.Just go here to claim it.

The FTLoffer ends December 27 at 8am Pacific. Then, Hyper Light Driftertakes over. Just don’t procrastinate too long. You have to be faster than slow, which isn’t much of a bar to clear.

Faster Than Light [Epic Games Store]