Fulcrum is one slick-looking snowboarding game


Explore some evolving slopes

I’m hurting for more snowboarding games and I know I’m not alone. This one, Fulcrum, deserves a spot on our radar. It’s a collaboration between Phosfiend Systems (Fract OSC) and designer Ben Swinden, who says, “We’d been thinking about for a long time how to take those things we love about snowboarding and turn it into a video game somehow.”

Fulcrum is set on an endless mountain, but players have control over the flow of scenery. Areas loop until the player collects an orb, at which point the oncoming terrain shifts into something new. And it’s not just for show — besides giving snowboarders freedom to explore until they’re ready to move on, this mechanic plays into what are essentially environmental puzzles.

You can see how it all works in this prototype video with developer commentary:

According to Swinden, the team hopes to appeal to two types of players: those who “want to just chill out and relax and have this meditative, slow experience” and also those who crave “more challenging, more exciting jumps and things.” I’m really feeling that music by Mogi Grumbles.