Full look at Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite's story reveals the Venom symbiote and Chun-Li's new face


I guess they may as well be the same thing at this point

I’m hopingMarvel vs. Capcom: Infinite has just been a victim of bad first impressions. I know I haven’t helped in this matter at all, but the more I look at this newer art style, the more I’m adjusting to it. Is this the case for anyone else? Anyone else warming up to it? I’d argue the more cartoonish characters translate very well.

Regardless, this full story trailer shows off quite a few cool things. We see the scope of the new story mode (showing off just how involved Darkstalkers‘ Jedah is going to be), we see how Ghost Rider and Dormammu (with a blink and you’ll miss it Firebrand) look in the new style, the Venom symbiote (probably confirming those Venom DLC rumors). and get a look at Chun Li’s new face! It’s been a point of contention among series fans, so I’m curious to find out what you think.

Also Capcom confirmed a couple of modes: Story, Arcade, standard versus modes, Training, Mission, Collection (which is a gallery mode with unlockable character art, etc.), and along with standard online offerings is something interesting called the “Beginner’s League,” which is fought between players Rank 14 and lower. That’s a neat way to compete online, even if you’re not a super pro. I just want Infinite to succeed, so at least the story mode seems more put together than it did at first glance