Furi is one to watch this year for action game fans


Boss battle gauntlet coming to PS4 and PC

Furi looks like a medley of action-game concepts with a heavy emphasis placed on prolonged boss battles and some bullet-hell-style projectile patterns thrown in for good measure. Similar to Chris, I’m hopeful the idea is crazy enough to work. It’s looking cool as ever in this latest trailer.

Can’t place that song? I got you! The track is by Carpenter Brut, who you’ll hopefully recognize from Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. I knew you had a good taste in music. Handsome, too.

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, creative director Emeric Thoa describes the challenges in Furi as “mostly based on a simple formula: be warned, react, punish.”

Your arsenal includes a sword, gun, and dodge and parry abilities, the first three of which can be charged for greater effect. “It’s like a guitar: it has six strings, but you need practice to play it correctly,” said Thoa. “And there’s no limit to how much you can improve. It’s simple and deep.”

Then there’s this exciting and also somewhat worrying bit: “Some bosses, or ‘guardians,’ will focus more on shooting. Others will challenge mostly your sword fighting. Some opponents are deadly and will knock you down in two or three hits. Some fights will require a lot of focus over a long time. A fight can last 10 minutes or 90 minutes depending on how you play.”

I wonder what the checkpointing will be like (if there really is any at all).

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