Galactic Civilizations III returns as next week's free Epic Games Store title


Visit distant galaxies, build amazing colonies, smash ’em up

Epic Games Store revealed the latest title that it will be offering up to all of its customers free-of-charge — As of January 13, users will be able to bag themselves sci-fi strategy sequel Galactic Civilizations III. It should be noted that this is something of a re-run, as the space sim has been offered on EGS previously.

Originally released on PC in the spring of 2015, Galactic Civilizations III is a deep strategy title that allows the player to landscape, build, and maintain a fantastical outer space colony. Choosing from one of a number of unique races, wannabe Space Lords will construct and manage a homeworld, establishing buildings, progressing technologies, managing your people’s needs, and smiting your enemies.

Like so many titles of its ilk, Galactic Civilizations III features an isometric 3D perspective and meticulous attention to detail, allowing players to use any number of noble or shady tactics with which to establish a respected, (or feared), sustainable, and powerful interstellar civilization. And if you find yourself sucked deeply into GC III‘s mammoth play sessions, then there is an absolute abundance of DLC expansion packs already available to purchase, offering hours upon hours of new content.

Galactic Civilizations III will be available free on Epic Games Store from January 13-20. Until then, the current EGS offering, Deep Silver’s Gods Will Fall, remains available for download.