Galapagos RPG is back with another crazy teaser video and song


I love these!

Remember this weird ass video from Compile Heart’s new RPG brand, Galapagos? They decided to push out another tease this morning in a new video, and they don’t disappoint on weirdness or vagueness in it.

What are they teasing? Well, at 0:33 they say that it’s NOT Fairy Fencer F 2. And right after they say that it’s not Mugen Souls either.

Then this freaky thing comes out and keeps saying “Pi, pi pi!”When it transforms it changes its phrase to “Pi~ Esu!!!” while holding up three fingers. So, this is a PS3 game.

Then the screen reads: “2014.5.6…….!?”

So I guess we’re waiting for another crazy teaser trailer.