Game Freak hiring for console game based on a 'globally popular RPG'


That certainly narrows the list of possibilities

Pokémon creator Game Freak is hiring for an undisclosed console-bound video game, one that’s said to be a “globally popular RPG” with cartoonish characters and monsters. That sure does sound familiar!

With still-lingering rumors about a potential offshoot of Pokémon Sun and Moon known as Stars coming to Nintendo Switch, it’s tempting to want to connect these dots and be on our merry way.

One of the job openings calls for an artist experienced with working on Wii U and PlayStation Vita character models, and another involves animating and modeling, as well as assisting programmers with data work. Both listings are for contract positions that will last until May 2018.

I was already down for a Switch-based Pokemon title when those rumors originated, but after a few weeks spent having a grand old time with the system, I’m even more raring to go.

[Via Siliconera]