Game Freak's Little Town Hero launches on Nintendo Switch next month


Remember this one?

Do you remember “Town”? The cutesy-looking RPG revealed during a Nintendo Direct presentation late last year? Well, it appears that the latest endeavour from Pokémon developer Game Freak is now officially Little Town Hero. What’s more, it’s hitting Nintendo Switch next month.

Set in a small village “on the edge of the world”, Little Town Hero is a colourful RPG which concerns young hero Axe, who tires of village life and yearns for the excitement and adventure of the big, wide world. Unfortunately, the big, wide world comes a-callin’, in the form of hordes of monsters who suddenly start threatening the town and its humble folk.

In Little Town Hero, Axe must defend his isolated homestead and its people from attacks perpetrated by these monsters. The kick is, instead of utilising an arsenal of deadly weapons, Axe defeats his enemies via “ideas” – using type matching, strategy, and tactics – rather than swords and maces. As the story progresses, Axe will learn the truth behind the monsters’ origins, while finally embracing the opportunity for adventure he so desired.

With colourful, likable visuals and a soundtrack composed by none other than Undertale’s own Toby Fox, Little Town Hero might’ve come out of nowhere, but definitely looks like a title worth keeping an eye out for. As an aside, it’s also pleasant to see Game Freak branch out into non-Pokémon titles, here’s hoping Little Town Hero proves a successful venture for the studio.

Little Town Hero launches on Nintendo Switch October 16.