Gamer's Rhapsody will gather music and games on November 15-16


Minnesota in the middle of November? Cool

I have previously expressed that we, the Destructoid community, need to find a new meetup to replace PAX, since PAX is too big to handle now. Maybe Gamer’s Rhapsody can be a contender. Probably not for this year, but maybe in the future if it takes off.

Much like MAGFest, Gamer’s Rhapsody looks to be focusing on the intersection between music and games. This inaugural event will feature some great headliners: Jake “virt” Kaufman (Shantae), Disasterpiece (FEZ), and Dale North (OMG I’m going to cry). The usual events are planned: panels, games, a jam space, and more.

Unfortunately, this looks like it has the same thing going against it that MAGFest has, at least for those of us who prefer to be warm. It is being held in St. Paul, Minnesota on November 15-16, or as a native Phoenician like me reads it, it is being held in a cold place during a cold time of year. Still, it should be fun. Anybody out there planning on going?