Games Done Quick raises $225,000 in 48 hours for hurricane victims


Well done, everyone

The curtain fell last night on Games Done Quick’s improvised, last-minute speedrun weekend, thrown together to raise money for victims of the hurricane that has swept through Houston, Texas.

Harvey Relief Done Quick, named after the terrible storm that has left thousands of people homeless, was put together by the GDQ crew, calling in popular speed-runners to stream games from their homes whilst driving for charity donations from the viewers on live-streaming site Twitch.

In just two days, the event was able to raise just over $225,000. This money which will go to the Houston Food Bank to provide meals, basic cleaning supplies and disinfection products for the tens of thousands of citizens now facing the unenviable task of having to rebuild their lives in the wake of the storm.

Gaming and gamers will likely always have a negative stigma attached. But in recent years, whenever gamers are called upon to answer the call of those in need, they constantly prove themselves an efficient, hard-working and generous community. It heart-warming to see so much accomplished in such a short space of time, and everyone involved, from the GDQ staff, to the speed-runners, to every last donor, should be incredibly proud of what they achieved this weekend.

Anyone still wishing to donate to the cause can do so at this page.

Harvey Relief Done Quick [Twitch]