Games Done Quick tackles corona relief in April


SGDQ inevitably postponed

As everyone comes together (but stays appropriately far apart!) to help solve the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the speedrunning community is taking steps to contribute in the only way they know how: By beating video games extremely quickly.

Games Done Quick has announced an emergency charity event called Corona Relief Done Quick. It’ll be an online-only event (obviously) that takes place the weekend of April 17-19. All donations will go to Direct Relief. This page details all of Direct Relief’s coronavirus efforts.

Unfortunately and inevitably, Summer Games Done Quick has been postponed. It was scheduled for the week of June 21, being held in Bloomington, Minnesota as always. However, it has been pushed back to August 16 — and hopefully we’re out of the woods by then.

Consider for a moment the tremendous potential of Corona Relief Done Quick. A charitable organization that reliably raises a lot of money, but this time for an issue that affects everyone including the people who will be donating. Oh, and it’s also being held at a time when no one is allowed to do much more than sit at home and watch Twitch. Corona Relief Done Quick is going to be a godsend for a lot of folks who are bored out of their skull, and we can only hope the donation total accurately reflects that.

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