Games with Gold really wants you to get good at racing games


Cars are the most relatable protagonists

Any committed Xbox Live Gold subscriber would’ve done well to buy a racing wheel by now. Nearly month after month in 2020, the biggest Xbox One freebie is a simulation racer. After a one-month reprieve, that trend is back.

Rally racer WRC 8is the most notable Xbox One title in July’s Games with Gold. You should be plenty acclimated with fast-but-cautious racing by now. This year, we’ve gotten: TT Isle of Manin February (a motorcycle racer but a racer nonetheless), Project CARS 2in April, and V-Rally 4in May.

The other Xbox One game sticks to sports. Dunk Lords— which just released in March but with no buzz — is free starting midway through July. It’s seemingly NBA Jamby way of a hero shooter. It’s two-on-two arcade basketball where players have special abilities. Maybe it’ll be surprisingly fun for a freebie.

The biggest name of the bunch comes on the Xbox 360 side. Saints Row 2(considered by some if not most to be the best Saints Row) is the first last-gen offering. Later in July, 2D mascot platformer JUJU takes over. As always, the Xbox 360 games are playable on Xbox One through backward compatiblity.

Here’s the full Games with Gold breakdown for July:

  • WRC 8(Xbox One, available July 1 through July 31)
  • Dunk Lords(Xbox One, available July 16 through August 15)
  • Saints Row 2(Xbox 360, available July 1 through July 15)
  • JUJU(Xbox 360, available July 16 through July 31)