GameStop offers big savings on last-gen for Black Friday


It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Can you feel it in the air? It’s electric. It’s like the buzz inside an arena seconds before your favorite band takes the stage. It makes my heart aflutter and almost brings a tear to my eye.

That’s right, it’s just about time for overwhelming consumerism to kick in, as the masses flood the malls for Black Friday and the holiday shopping season. Every year, Black Friday ads leak early, and it looks like GameStop’s was one of the first this year.

The flier, which hasn’t been verified by GameStop, features Xbox 360 and PS3 bundles as its banner items. The 250GB Xbox 360 package comes with copies of Halo 4and Tomb Raider, while the 250GB PS3 bundleincludes The Last of Usand Batman: Arkham Origins.

Several games are also on sale, two of the more notable ones being Battlefield 4for $30 and Call of Duty: Ghostsfor $50 — both titles on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Likewise, BioShock Infinitewill be available for $20, Assassin’s Creed IIIfor $15, and Halo 4: Game of the Year Editionfor $30.

Of course, this only skims the surface, as the 12-page ad offers plenty more in the way of savings. Just remember to budget wisely; you still need to pick up a tie and socks for your dad.

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