GameStops are getting 'major' Nintendo Switch restocks this week in stores


But not online

Straight from the source, GameStop says that it’ll be restocking Nintendo Switch units as of today, and into tomorrow. There’s a catch though — it’s in-storeand not online, so you may need to call your location or try to head there in the morning before it opens to get a shot. Evidently the missive states that stores will get five units each, and at their discretion they’ll put them on sale today or tomorrow.

Ever since the rise of scarce consoles, seeing all of those $500 “bundles” filled with plastic junk on top of the system really sucks. It’s basically akin to eBay scalping, just corporate sanctioned.

Alas, Nintendo never seems to stock anythingsince the Wii, from amiibo to countless collector’s editions — so you probably expect it by now. If you don’t already have a Switch, good luck.