Gang Beasts on PS4 will have local and online play


Brawl with the best, die like the rest

Gang Beasts is a dang good time with friends, enemies, and families. It even made Nic’s list of games that are perfect for holiday get-togethers. But I only have two controllers for my PlayStation 4 (we’re not so different, Steven), and I’m unlikely to buy extras, not even for this physical comedy fighting game.

No sweat. The upcoming console port of Gang Beasts will support local and online play, Boneloaf’s James Brown confirmed today. Virtual reality too, which, sure, I’ll try that probably.

“We are also working on finishing the single and cooperative multiplayer game modes, the character customization system, and new content for the full game launch later this year — with PlayStation VR support and story mode content coming as free updates after the initial release,” he said.

It’s already on Steam Early Access, and has been for some time, but I’m right there with you if you’d prefer to hold off until it’s finalized. That’s a smart policy in general. The jelly people can wait.