Garuda is the latest Fighting EX Layer star to get a tribute costume in Street Fighter V


Akuma Matata

Capcom’s Street Fighter V continues to doff its hat to Arika’s fist-thrower Fighting EX Layer, with a tribute to the latter’s fiery fighter, Garuda, coming for the former’s raging demon, Akuma.

The Garuda skin will be made available to win through SFV‘s Extra Battle system, which sees players cough up in-game currency for an opportunity to “win” the skin via a tricky fight. It’s a legitimately cool skin, “SICK AF,” the kids in the FGC might say. I don’t care much for Akuma myself – more specifically I dislike him with every fiber of my being – but I’ll admit he looks an unstoppable force in Garuda’s gear.

This isn’t the first Fighting EX Layer crossover to grace SFV. Last month sure G don the sexy bodysuit of Skullomania, while previous skins have seen Karin transform into Hokuto, Cammy receive a Blair Dame skin, and Ryu don the garb of the vengeful Kairi. It’s a shame the licensing for these characters remain murky, but we’ll see what Street Fighter VI brings.

A fifth and final season of content for Street Fighter V including DLC characters Dan, Rose, Akira, Oro, and a mystery character will roll out across 2021.

The Satsui no Hado awakens this FIGHTING EX LAYER Garuda crossover costume for Akuma!

Available through Extra Battle starting Jan 12. 👹👿

— Street Fighter (@StreetFighter) January 11, 2021