Gearbox is officially supporting the fan-run 'Battleborn Day'


In-game festivities begin on Friday at 2:00pm Pacific

Regardless of your feelings about Battleborn, you have to respect a community that’s able to rally around its game of choice in an effort to improve things for not only itself, but would-be players. It’s something I’ve personally experienced in the Souls series, and it’s always lovely to see.

As we recently covered, this Saturday, November 12 is going to be “Battleborn Day.” The game’s reddit community settled on that date as a way to get new and returning folks in and having fun together, and now developer Gearbox Software is embracing the event in an official capacity.

Battleborn Day’s in-game festivities will begin Friday (11/11) at 2pm PT (5pm ET) and run until Sunday (11/13) at 8am PT (11am ET). Here are a few different things you can expect to see on Battleborn Day this Saturday, (11/12):

  • A special “Battleborn Day Queue” – We’ll be funneling everyone into one PVP queue for the day which will feature all game modes and fan-favorite maps. You’ll be able to vote for maps/modes so you can show new players which ones you like the most.

  • A Community “Super Event” -Do you like Lootpocalypse? How about Play with the Devs, Double XP, and Double Credits? If you answered yes to any of these, how would you like all four… AT THE SAME TIME? During this event, not only will members of our team be out and about in Battleborn and playing with the community, we’ll also “flip the switches” on Double XP, Double Credits, and Lootpocalypse – which means more XP, more credits, and more LOOT!

  • ALL Battleborn Characters will be temporarily unlocked for everyone!

  • Marketplace sales on Skins and Taunts – Enjoy 20% off all skins and taunts in the Battleborn Marketplace!

  • Legendary Loot Packs for Purchase – You’ll be able to purchase Legendary Loot Packs from the in-game Marketplace for 15,000 earned-in-game credits! Legendary Loot Packs will only be available for the duration of the event.

We’re planning another small surprise for Battleborn Day. You might be saying to yourself: “This Battleborn Day stuff sounds great and all, but I’m CR100, so there’s no real reason to play if I can’t progress.” Well, you’re in luck –we’re raising the Command Rank level cap by 5! Of course, five extra levels means more rewards, so come hang out with the community for Battleborn Day and earn those extra levels!

Finally, if all that weren’t enough we’re adding TWO brand new titles to the game: The “Battleborn Day” title and the “Battleborn Day Guide” title. The first will be awarded to everyone who plays Battleborn on Saturday. The second will be released via SHiFT code and as a means to help you show others in the community that you’re available to help; that you’re there to show them the ropes; that you’re a seasoned veteran who’s ready to serve as a guide.

I’m seeing some complaints that Gearbox should’ve taken this opportunity to enable a “free weekend” to coincide with Saturday, and that undoubtedly would’ve been beneficial, but I understand that these things can’t always work out that way. The fact that the studio is doing anything is encouraging.

I hope Darren recognizes this day to its full potential and indulges in nothing but Battleborn from sunrise to sunset. A modern Feast of Maximum Occupancy, if you will. Maybe then he’ll earn that coveted Platinum Trophy and finally move on to other games, like the ones I want to play with him.

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