Gearbox 'ready to start' Borderlands 3, begins hiring process


This could be you, apparently!

During the official Borderlands panel at PAX South, Gearbox chief Randy Pitchford confirmed the company was “ready to start” production on a new game in the franchise, later taking to Twitter with an open call to developers looking for work.

According to firsthand reports from the panel, Gearbox hasn’t officially started work on the next Borderlands. There are currently no hints as to what exactly the next Borderlandswould look like, but if you combine the ending of Borderlands 2with Gearbox filing a trademark for ‘Borderworlds’ in 2009, a larger-scale game with multiple planets seems likely.

Gearbox is currently looking for “artists, designers, coders, producers and other developers,” according to a tweet from Pitchford, so no matter what your particular skill may be, Gearbox has a home for you. They’re also taking applications from established developers, promising “confidentiality” should you wish to remain anonymous.