Gears 5 is getting a story add-on in December


One more COG in the machine

Gears 5isn’t dead. Well, technically, no one thought it was. Developer The Coalition has been steadily supporting the multiplayer side, as Gearscontinues to make a push to be an esport game. But, in a surprising move, Gears 5is getting some post-launch content that no game in the series has gotten since Gears of War 3: Story DLC.

In an interview with IGN, The Coalition confirms that Gears 5is getting an add-on in December that’s called Hivebusters. It features Keegan, Lahni, and Mac, which is the trio of protagonists in the Escape mode. It’s not a giant piece of content, as it’s estimated to take three or four hours to play through. It’s also coming to PC, Xbox Series S/X, and Xbox One, along with optimizations for new consoles. No other details were given, including a story overview or whether this is a free or paid-for add-on.

That’s far from all that Gears 5has in store for the Xbox Series X launch. It’s getting a big update that adds New Game+, 120fps support in Versus mode on both Series S and X, and (most importantly) the ability to replace Marcus with WWE star Batista in the campaign. Nothing like throwing the emotion and lore of four other Gearsgames — and especially a super big plot beat toward the end of this game — out the window so that your long-beloved character can be swapped out with a Monster Energy can.

Here’s an unexpected and most welcomed improvement though: The Coalition has managed to significantly reduce input lag on next-gen consoles. Both Xbox Series S and X see a reduction in latency by 36% in the campaign and 57% in Versus. I wasn’t even really aware that was on the table in terms of next-gen perks. More responsive controls are obviously nothing but a good thing.

All of this goes live alongside the Xbox Series X launch on November 10. We’re likely to learn more about the story add-on a little bit after that.

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