Gears 5 launches on Steam at the same time as Windows 10 PC


Unexpected but perfectly welcomed

Gears 5formally arrives on September 10 on Xbox One and Windows 10. We’ve known that much since E3. However, a lingering question mark has been when the Steam version would launch. It’s reasonable to think Microsoft might give itself a little timed-exclusive advantage by appearing on its own platforms first.

That won’t be the case. As part of the info dump from gamescom, Microsoft revealed that Gears 5is coming to Steam day-and-date with the Xbox One and Windows 10 versions. Additionally, Gears 5is available for pre-order on Steam now. (Actually, Steam currently lists the release date as September 9 instead of September 10.)

It was definitely up in the air, too. Until recently, the Gears 5Steam page read “Planned release date: Coming soon.” But, those fears are assuaged as Microsoft continues to treat Steam users with renewed consideration.