General Armquist is back for blood in Destroy All Humans!


A million to one, they said

THQ Nordic continues its almost Atlus-level trailer campaign for upcoming remake Destroy All Humans! Moving on from his recent rampages held in Washington D.C. and Area 42, intergalactic bastard Crypto has now infiltrated the militarised zone of Union Town.

After gaining access to one of the army’s biggest basses via his nifty cloaking and cloning devices, Crypto puts in an appearance at a top-level meeting with the war-hungry General Armquist, before laying waste to all and sundry in his own inimitable way. Crypto also finds himself all at sea on a huge ocean line, and taking on towering mech boss battles as his one-alien war against humanity continues. We deserve it, frankly.

Developed from the ground up by Black Forest Games, Destroy All Humans! features all of the cow-zapping chaos of the classic 2005 release, spruced up with a visual overhaul, a new engine, and the restoration of some content cut from the original release. As I’ve noted before, I think the old-school gameplay of Destroy All Humans! will most definitely have dated, but I’m still expecting some fun to be had with its shamelessly destructive action.

Destroy All Humans! launches on PS4, PC, and Xbox One July 28.