Thanks to an error, everyone in Genshin Impact is getting free Intertwined Fates


It should be delivered by the end of 2.4

Check your in-game mail for some Genshin Impact free Intertwined Fates. The extra distribution of fates is due to an error, where some people got extra.

The news was confirmed on the official Genshin Impact Twitter account, noting:

Due to a configuration issue with the in-game mail, Travelers on some servers received two copies of the mail ‘Flowing Lights and Colors’ – Lantern Rite Gifts. Between 2022/02/09 0:00 (server time) and the end of V2.4, all Travelers will receive a total of two copies of the mail. Travelers who have already received two copies will not be able to claim these same rewards again. We will not withdraw any rewards already issued.”

In short, some people erroneously got two copies of the Genshin Impact free Intertwined Fates gift, and now everyone is getting two to even things out. If you already got both, you won’t get more. I noticed it yesterday and thought it was a bug, then checked the official account and saw how it all shook out.

As a reminder, Intertwined Fates are the currency of the gacha system. You can buy them outright, earn them in-game sparingly, and buy them with earned Primogems. Given that 2.5 is just around the corner and Raiden Shogun is coming back (amid other characters), it’s a welcome bonus.

If you’re still milling around for the email, it looks like this. Remember, it may not come until the end of 2.4 (which is soon!).

Genshin Impact free Intertwined Fates mail:

Genshin Impact free Intertwined Fates 2