Grab your Genshin Impact codes if you have Prime Gaming


There’s more to come every month through December

Genshin Impact can be exhausting from a currency standpoint, but some free stuff softens the blow. Prime Gaming is doling out Genshin Impact codes now, so log in and grab them when you can.

The way the Prime Gaming system works for Genshin Impact codes is a little more obtuse than the “link and forget it” foundation for some other promotions. Here you’ll “claim” the offer, then you’ll get a separate code to use in the game. You’ll load up the Paimon (main) menu, then click settings (gear), then go to account, redeem code, and enter it.

As a silver lining of sorts, if you have Prime Gaming and don’t care about Genshin Impact codes in the slightest, you can pass them off to a friend as they aren’t account-bound. Keep your Genshin pals in mind! They’ll work on PC, Android, PS4, and PS5 according to the site.

The first bundle involves 60 Primogems (currency), eight Hero’s Wit (XP booster), and five mushroom pizzas (in-game food). Interestingly, each month a new bundle is going to drop through December 2021. The next time Twitch Prime updates, the August bundle will go live.

Next month the standout item is original resin (x1), which is basically the roundabout “energy” system of the game that mostly impacts hardcore/daily players. Then there’s mystic enhancement ore (weapon XP boosters) in a pack of eight, followed by 20,000 gold.

The current Genshin Impact code schedule:

Genshin Impact codes