Genshin Impact's June-bound update 1.6 will focus on a character from the Inazuma region


Update 1.6 is out on June 9

Genshin Impact update 1.6 just got a date! On June 9 the miHoYo team will be taking us for a ride through Inazuma, and will feature the “first playable character” from the region: Kazuha.

The trailer below showcases some of the things we can expect, including two summer outfits for Jean and Barbara, an addition event in the form of the Midsummer Island Adventure (which will be a seasonal, time-sensitive thing), the aforementioned new character, additional Inazuma concept art, and a new Archon Quest.

As usual the clip is vibrant and full of personality, with plenty of Klee footage. I mean, as soon as I played her far before the game blew up, I knew she was going to be a huge part of the marketing material. Paimon on the other hand? Go figure!

Near the end of the update 1.6 footage we get to see Kazuha, who thankfully will bring the game’s connection to Inazuma closer. He has his own set of skills, weapons, and ascension nuances to boot, like the other characters released so far. While the method in which these characters are tied to is unfortunate, they’re fully fledged. I really hope that one day we get a full-on “premium” version of the game without any need for microtransactions

My highlight of update 1.6 though? It’s easily Maguu Kenki, the “mysterious mechanical monster” that wakes up as a result of the new storyline. Described as a “subordinate of the Dodo-King,” this thing oozes personality and I can’t wait to smash it apart. Or blow it up…freeze it…shock it…and whatever else I can do in anime style and grace in Genshin Impact.

I was taking a break for a hot second, but with the recent release of the PS5 edition of the game (and now, update 1.6) I’m back in the saddle. It’s really easy to jump into every now and then, especially with the faster loads. Given how much you travel in this game, they’re a Godsend!