Genshin Impact Version 1.4 is now live on all platforms


Bringing Rosaria, Hangouts, and Original Recipe Chicken

miHoYo has released the hugely anticipated Version 1.4 edition of its gacha RPG Genshin Impact. The new update – now available to download on all platforms – brings with it a brand new character alongside new events, gear, quests, weaponry and much, much more.

Joining Genshin Impact‘s ever-burgeoning roster of characters is the solemn Sister Rosaria. This almost ghostly woman is a member of Monstadt’s Church of Favonius and sports an attitude and social style as cold and sharp as her intimidating style, demeanor, and devastating polearm skills. One thing is for certain, she sure doesn’t look like any nun I’ve ever encountered. And I’ve met, like, loads.

Update 1.4 also sees the arrival of new “Hangout” events, which will let players who have grown beyond Adventure Level 26 spend some quiet time with four specific in-game characters: Barbara, Bennett, Chongyun, and Noelle. These events will offer branching story narratives for each character, much in the style of dating sims.

Of course, one of the key features of Version 1.4 is the coming of The Windblume Festival, a joyful spring gathering that will let players engage with characters, enjoy a selection of fun mini-games based on skills such as archery and gliding, and earn various items and rewards including the exclusive WindBlume Ode four-star bow. So eat, drink, and be merry. Oh, and speaking of food, don’t forget to take part in the KFC-branded “Outland Gastronomy” login event.

All of the above is merely scratching the surface of what Genshin Impact 1.4 has to offer its ever-growing community of players. For full patch notes, including bonuses, balance reworks, and bug fixes, be sure to check out the official Genshin Impact blog. Happy adventuring!