Get a good look at Jump Force, where Naruto can punch Frieza in the face


Besides J-Stars Victory VS

J-Stars Victory VS was kind of a huge deal, mixing a ton of different franchises together in the form of a brawler, but it fell flat for a lot of folks. Bandai Namco is trying again with Jump Force, and this one looks a little more clean and more like a fighter — which will naturally help its cause.

We got a decent look at it when it was unveiled at E3, but now thanks to a new gameplay clip we have a better idea of how it actually plays. It seems to be a 3v3 team fighter (assists are in) with a focus one one-at-a-time matchups (as opposed to the chaos of J-Stars Victory VS), andGoku, Luffy, Naruto, Zoro and Sasuke are shown off.

The gritty and cartoony juxtaposition looks weird to me, but as long as it plays well I’m on board. I need a demo or a hands-on to really see what this thing is made of. Either way it’s coming in 2019 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.