Get a load of West Virginia's country roads in a new Fallout 76 trailer


Take me home, to this recut ‘new trailer’

Like everyone else I’m extremely anxious aboutFallout 76. Is it compromised in any way by adding multiplayer? Will it be the same as other entries, just with the optional addition of co-op and PVP that fans have craved since Fallout 3?

A lot of those answers might not be fully understood until November — because really, why would Bethesda be too forthcoming about the whole affair? If you leave people wondering they’ll just pick it up for themselves, which seems to be the plan given its vagueness at E3.

Either way we can keep reporting on it, analyzing it, and get to the bottom of what makes Fallout 76tick before it hits. Unless you plunked down cash on a non-refundable pre-order — then you’re locked in. No judgment!

Oh yeah there’s a “new” trailer that’s basically recut stuff from E3. Enjoy!