Get an Xbox One and 40-inch TV for $500


Cheap bundle this week

If you need an Xbox One (nope) and a new TV (well…), Best Buy has you covered through August 15. Note, capital BB Best Buy, not Fry’s wherein your best buys are always at, guaranteed.

You get this specific 40-inch 1080p Samsung LED TV, which regularly runs $430 (and is currently separately on sale for $400) along with one of two Ones. Hah. The deal applies to two black 500gb Xbox One bundles, Halo: Master Chief Collection and the one that comes with Assassin’s Creeds Unity and Black Flag. Both normally run $350.

So, these two things for $500, which is better than those two things for $780, if you are specifically looking to buy those two things.

Question: can I buy into this deal, sell the Xbox, and effectively get the big TV for $150? Does anyone want to buy an Xbox?