Get GRID for free from the Humble Store


Because nothing says ‘Christmas’ like smashing up cars

The folks who run the Humble Bundle have a holiday present for everyone who logs in today. From now until 10 AM Pacific time tomorrow, anyone whologs in to the Humble Store pagecan claim a free Steam copy of Codemasters’ 2008 racing simulationGRID.

GRIDwas a standout racing game early in the last generation, and it still holds up damn well. There are different types of rules depending on what continent you’re racing on, which helps to vary up the gameplay. At the low price of “nuthin” I’d say it’s worth a look.

GRIDis an older title to be sure, but itmaintains very positive user reviewson its Steam page. Even if you already have a copy, you can still send gift codes to friends who don’t own it. The codes must be claimed before 10 AM Pacific (7 AM Eastern) on December 24, and redeemed before December 31.