Get lost in space with the first eight minutes of The Solus Project


And you thought Dinklage was bad

The first eight minutes of the upcoming first-person survival game The Solus Projecthave been released and it looks pretty good. The voice acting, on the other hand, is atrocious. The harsh environment of the alien planet you’ve crashed-landed on must be navigated as you attempt to survive and save the human race.

I really like the premise and locations. These eight minutes have certainly piqued my interest, but I just can’t get over the survival aspects; wandering around looking for food and water is one of the most boring things you could have in a game as far as I’m concerned. Hopefully the survival aspect isn’t very strict or can be turned off for those of us who only want to experience the story.

We will find out when The Solus Projectreleases in 2016 exclusively on PC and Xbox One.