Get Packed is a co-op party game about moving people's junk


Google Stadia exclusive

Running down the list of Google Stadia games, it’s mostly familiar properties from familiar developers. Borderlands 3. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Football Manager 2020. But a couple of new and exclusive-to-Stadia names showed up during today’s reveal event, including Gylt, a spooky adventure, and Get Packed, a frenzied four-player (local and online) co-op game about “packing up your stuff.”

I figured it was worth a shout for anyone who skimmed or outright avoided the Stadia event. “Fusing Overcooked-style frantic fun and Gang Beasts-inspired elastic physics, you and your rubber-limbed removal team help the citizens of Ditchlington relocate as fast as you can,” summarized Coatsink.

The aesthetic doesn’t sit quite right with me, but I’m on board with the general concept of a “calamitous removals company” party game, and the explosive nature of it all looks entertaining for an afternoon.

Coatsink and Moonshine Studios are bringing Get Packed “exclusively to Google Stadia in 2020.”