Get ready to pop, there's a HuniePop sequel in the works



HuniePop works for a number of reasons, but also doesn’t work for its intended one. It’s fun as a Bejeweled-light that rewards progress, and it’s also kind of a party game my roommate and I had a lot of fun laughing at. If you played the first one for its lewd purposes, more power to you. You’ll certainly enjoy the sequel.

Ryan Koons, director of HuniePop, announced during a “Hunie Direct,” that a HuniePop sequel was in the works (along with some footage of another project, The Spiral Scouts). There were no details as far as gameplay, but he did confirm some of the new girls. Kyu, the fairy with sex powers from the first one, Lillian, Nora, and Sara from HunieCam Studio, and Abia, who, uh, I don’t want to further unpack right now.

The HuniePop sequel is certainly going for a specific tone, and it really has to stick the landing. Koons is currently aiming for a late 2018 release.