Get revenge on Loki when Rune 2 launches this November


Puny god!

Human Head Studios has announced that Rune 2, the belated follow-up to its 2000 cult classic Rune, will be releasing on November 12, 2019. Coming exclusively to the Epic Games Store, the title was originally known as Rune: Ragnarok before Human Head decided on adding the number to avoid confusion with Rune’s expansion, Halls of Valhalla. A more fully fleshed out experience than the original (thanks to the backing from Epic), Rune 2 will be a much bigger game than its predecessor.

To that end, Rune 2 will feature a 15-hour campaign mode and a full deathmatch suite with support for 16 players. Human Head has additional maps and modes planned for post-launch updates. There will also be singleplayer updates, though details are mum at the moment. Project director Chris Rhinehart told The Escapist, “In Norse mythology, there are nine realms so there’s eight other realms that we can draw upon to have more areas to explore.”

You can read the full expose over on The Escapist, which includes details on Rune 2’s lengthy development, why the decision to go with Epic was done, and how various competitors have shaped what Rune 2 will be.

Exclusive: Rune II Launching in November with a 15-Hour Quest to Kill Loki [Escapist Magazine]